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Jared is the best destination for all kinds of wonderful and attractive jewelry, and the prices are never over inflated, just reasonable for the great quality jewelry that Jared carries. Their wedding jewelry collection, which is some of the most exquisite you will ever see, is one of the best values available anywhere, which is why Jared is such a popular destination for soon to be engaged couples everywhere.

But of course, there’s a secret bargain shopper inside all of us. Jared’s Vault Values can satisfy both the desire for beautiful jewelry and a great price reduction, a really satisfying shopping achievement for everyone.

All kinds of gorgeous jewelry is available in the Jared Vault Values selection, not cast offs or lower quality in any way, these are just great pieces being offered at a deep discount.

Of course the choice varies from store to store, and is updated frequently as stocks change. The choice is not limited to rings, or to a single collection. There are pieces available in the Vault Values section from the entire line of Jared jewelry. To give you an idea of the kind of great deals you can find in the Vault Values I took a look at the current offerings at Jared’s extensive online store. Here are some of the extraordinary pieces I found on offer;

  • A pair of white gold, diamond and tanzanite drop earrings at over a 30% discount on the original price. Each earring has a brilliant blue tanzanite stone and four brilliant hand cut diamonds, all set in vibrant white gold. Stunning indeed.
  • A whimsical yellow gold lizard charm, which would look great on either a charm bracelet or a delicate neck chain.
  • An unusual and eye-catching Mother of Pearl and White Gold circular pendant enhanced with brilliant pave diamonds
  • A chunky but attractive men’s titanium link bracelet featuring an intricate maze like design.
  • A 14k white gold and diamond Journey ring, a perfect anniversary gift at a savings of over $100.
  • A brilliant white gold three diamond 2 carat engagement ring priced $1000 less than its original price. A great choice for the bride and groom looking to cut a few costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Even a 14k yellow gold adjustable toe ring accentuated by a single central diamond. A fantastic little piece of beach bling for under $80.

These are just a handful of the excellent values and quality jewelry that a customer can find in the Jared Vault Values. As new styles hit the Jared showrooms many popular designs hit the Vault Values simply to make room for the extra stock. For those looking to treat themselves a little or searching for the perfect gift this is a great place to check.

Of course, purchases made from the Vault Values selection are still protected by the same guarantees and quality assurances that any piece purchased form Jared comes with, which is one of the most extensive sets of purchase assurances around anywhere.

Monday, May 18th, 2009 at 7:21 am
Jared Jewelers
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One Response to “Vault Values at Jared”

  1. Kim Says:

    Jared sells mall-quality jewelry while calling it fine jewelry! After only 3 months my “white gold” wedding band turned yellow gold. The plating has come off almost completely. While I understand there is a plating process on white gold, I have many friends who do not have to “re-dip” their wedding rings every few months, which is what Jared told me, “everyone who has white gold must do”. After much research, I have determined that they just sold me lower quality white gold with not-so-good rhodium plating. So I am stuck with a lifetime of a wedding ring I have to take to Jared and have re-dipped every few months; a life sentence! I do not recommend Jared and would never shop there again.

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