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Jared Jewelers offers those looking for engagement and wedding rings a number of great options. Hearts Desire, The Neil Lane wedding collection and Design-A-Ring are three specialty offerings available to shoppers. In this article, we will take a look at each of these. Specifically, we will take a look at some of the options each of these collections offer. Shoppers will find that each provides a wide array of options. This makes it possible for them to either create the perfect engagement and/or wedding rings or at lest pick one out a quality one.

Getting married is one of the most important events in a person’s life. They will never forget the day that they walk down the aisle and marry their beloved. The same is often true regarding the engagement. Smart grooms-to-be will take the time and make the effort to make ‘popping the question’ memorable will oft get rewarded by a resounding “yes” and bragging rights. A woman loves to retell the story of her engagement, if it is a good one. Choosing the right ring is one of the best ways to make sure that an engagement goes well is to choose a quality ring.

Hearts Desire: Jared’s Jewelry Hearts Desire collection allows individuals to purchase independently certified Ideal-Cut diamonds. Each ring utilizes a European Shank so that it fits extremely well and is comfortable. The Ideal-cut diamond is paired with 18 Kt. Gold ring. Each Hearts Desire Engagement ring is crafted with a platinum head so that the centre diamond is placed front and center with style. The platinum is also of the highest quality. The Heart’s Desire collection can only be found at Jared’s Jeweler.

Neil Lane Bridal Collection: Neil Lane is a popular jeweler who creates great looking and high quality jewelry for celebrities and wealthy patrons. The Neil Lane Bridal collection includes vintage pieces with a contemporary style. An engagement ring from the Neil Lane Bridal collection is sure to impress. A woman’s family members and friends are sure to go crazy over a ring from the Neil Lane Bridal collection. Men looking to ask for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage in an impressive manner may want to consider buying one of these rings.

Design-A-Ring: This is a good option for individuals who are creative. Those persons interested in creating their own ring from scratch may want to take utilize Jared’s Jewelry create-a-ring program. Shoppers will be able to choose the number of carats they want, as well as the shape and quality of the stone.

When it is time to get married, the ring will always play a central role. Choosing the right ring can make popping the question an unforgettable occasion. Buying your beloved a beautiful, high-quality ring, will surely please her and subsequently yourself. She gets what she wants, a great ring and you’ll get what you want, her. When you are in the market for an engagement ring, consider purchasing a ring from Jared Jeweler’s Heart’s Desire, the Neil Lane Bridal Collection or Design-A-Ring collections. Each of these, are fantastic options that you and soon-to-be fiancée will love!

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