As with anything related to fashion the next big thing is always around the corner. A trend can sometimes carry enough steam to send jewelry lovers into a frenzy that will not stop until they too possess the next “it” model. So, with an industry as competitive and image based like jewelry it’s vital to be able to convince customers that they must have your jewelry. It’s very rare that a certain trend or model is able to stay on top of the fashion world for more than a year at most. So you might be asking yourself, “What was is the most popular Jared women’s choice of 2011?” The answer may surprise some, but to others, this style is already a thing of the past.

Across the board, there was one clear and distinct style that took the jewelry world by force this past year. This was bulky and overstated pieces that are sure to ensure that all eyes are attracted to it when you enter a room. Everything from very large necklaces that feature worn out metal and very extravagantly decorated centerpieces to retro bulky bracelets were what women everywhere were after. These large accessories can greatly complement your ensemble for any occasion and are sure to start a conversation or two. Necklaces that were built from dull worn out metals complemented by bright and vibrant jewels created an elegant piece that also looks like you could have made it yourself. The worn out metal also brings a feeling that it could have been reused which is always a plus in the age of going green. On the other hand, simple but bulky bracelets have made return to the fashion world and are now a must have if anyone is attempting to stay on the cutting edge of what in right now. Bracelets can be simple and only feature one color or be as flashy as you’d like. The important part of the bracelet trend is that it be large. Bulky is in, slim and curvy are out. Bulky was the most popular Jared women’s choice of 2011.

Another trend that has managed to stick around for a few years now and still was popular in 2011 was the use of retro and vintage items. Bringing the styles of yesterday and combining them with the trends that are buzzing now was one of the hottest trends that had people mesmerized. By taking antique looking pieces or retro stylized diamonds and combining them with the shapes and preferences of today’s modern fashion world, you are able to create a completely new piece that sets you apart from the rest. Originality and creativeness are the name of the game when using throwback materials.

With the new “it” item always changing it can be hard for some to keep up with the current style while managing everything else in their life. The most popular Jared women’s choice of 2011 was by for the bulkier the better. So the next time you’re out shopping just remember that sleek and slim are two things that you should completely abandon when purchasing jewelry.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 at 12:22 am
Jared Jewelers
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