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Jared Jewelers 2010 Collection

Jared Jewelers has long been a leader in providing high quality diamond jewelry diamond lovers. The Jared Jewelers 2010 collection has raised the bar yet again, providing some of the most exquisitely designed diamond and gold jewelry on the market today. This is not only beautiful, but the collections offer new designs, bright colors, and innovative ideas that are sure to please.

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Jared is the best destination for all kinds of wonderful and attractive jewelry, and the prices are never over inflated, just reasonable for the great quality jewelry that Jared carries. Their wedding jewelry collection, which is some of the most exquisite you will ever see, is one of the best values available anywhere, which is why Jared is such a popular destination for soon to be engaged couples everywhere.

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Men's Jewelry at Jared

Of course, jewelry is not just for the ladies of course and neither is Jared. Their selection of men’s jewelry is hard to top.

Of course, as you might expect from the nation’s leader in stunning wedding jewelry, the selection of men’s wedding bands available is both extensive and original. From the simplest polished silver band to the more intricate white gold and diamond rings which can be customized according to individual taste, there is something that will fit every man’s tastes. For the guy who likes to wear rings other than the traditional band, and that’s quite a few, there are men’s rings with enough bling bling to make even P. Diddy proud. Even sapphire is an option in the extensive Jared collection of men’s fancy rings.
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Beautiful Pearls at Jared Jewelers

The traditional bright white cultured pearl has been admired for centuries by the fashion conscious worldwide. Even back in the grand era of Tudor England and the reign of the notorious Henry the Eighth grand lords and ladies adorned their finest garments with beautiful imported pearls.

Jared Jewelers offers the Sea Magic Cultured Pearls by Miki Moto collection for those enamored of the look of the classic white pearl. From simple strands both long and short to more intricate rings and bracelets this collection features a piece for every taste.A gift set on offer is particularly appealing, a double strand of classic white pearls, complete with pearl shortener for length variation, is paired with a pair of classic pearl stud earrings that would compliment any outfit. This set would certainly make a great anniversary gift or Mother’s Day surprise for any woman.
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This somewhat upscale chain of jewelry stores has over 130 locations throughout the United States. The stores are not found in malls or other small locations like many chain jewelers are, rather there freestanding stores are much larger and feature about five times the selection of other retailers. Though most well known for their dazzling collection of engagement and wedding rings, Jared actually has all kinds of jewelry in stock to suit anyone, and every possible occasion.
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A store that can offer an experience into the bedazzling world of unique, stylish and perfect gems and jewelry is no other than Jared Jewelers – a store where it provide spectacular and memorable experiences for every clients in choosing the right jewelry that suits each individual’s unique self and style. Jared Jeweller has different departments that cater to different requests for the clients with each department offer unique experience to clients. It boasts an elegant diamond department, a specialized jewellery repair and design department having several masterful craftsmen and a department for color gems, gold, silver and more

A visit to the diamond department in Jared Jewelry will set to sparkles diamond lovers’ experience in the store with showcases of different cut and sizes of certified diamonds. Diamond lovers can galore in the varieties of fashion pieces made from diamond; ranging from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, anniversary bands, watches and many more. The diamond department will be delighted to share their knowledge on 4C’s (cut, color, clarity and carat) which is the basic quality factors.
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If you are looking for Jared products, chances are high that you are a believer in quality products. You can find Jared products under the following categories:

1. Diamond
2. Color gems
3. Gold, silver, etc.
4. Watches

You can find beautiful Jared jewelry such as necklaces, ear-rings, rings and bracelets in the category of diamond. The price ranges from $100 to over $8000.

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When it comes to jewelry, the monopoly of some big names can be easily witnessed. One such name is Jared jewelers. You can find a whole lot range of jewelry. If you are looking for jewelry that you can categorized as unique, then you would really do a favor to yourself to come to Jared Jewelers. Diversified range of jewelry may well be just a click away.

The first thing that you will find in here is the range of diamond jewelry. The use of a specially crafted diamond makes this jewelry unique that you will certainly not be able to find at its competitors. Today, the competition in every business is at the top most level, but when you talk about jewelry, it is so important to have a name of your own. If you don’t have a name, you won’t be able to get the attention that you should be getting. Jared jewelers have attained this place after a staggering competition and now they have become a leader in the business. When someone works wonders like they did, there certainly would be something that has enabled them to reach at the top. The thing that has helped them to surpass other people is their quest of producing something unique, something that people won’t be able to find at other places. That quest is something due to which they have an extensive range of jewelry in their showroom. Today is the time when you can find some diamond jewelry the range of which starts from $300 and goes to $20000.

Diamond is something that these guys have used with perfection. They have discovered a lot of new settings and designs pertaining to diamond jewelry. There store is more like the Aladdin’s cave where you can find a range of treasures. They have really catered the need of people in general. In this world, where majority of people think that jewelry is for women, Jared jewelers have really taken this concept to another level by introducing some of thevery best men jewelry consisting Men’s Bracelets and Men’s rings. You can find all unique designs that your friends and family may never have seen. That’s the basic theme behind their working as all their jewelry is to satisfy the inherent desire of look unique and different. When you talk about colorless diamonds, the designs that you will find here will certainly mesmerize you. Also, when there is talk about creativity and ingenuity, you might be thinking yourself a genius too and Jared Jewelers acknowledge that and that’s the reason why they present you the option to design your own jewelry. Let them have your unique design and they will bring it to reality.

Apparently, they are the jewelers, but when it comes to Swiss watches, you can experience same level uniqueness in their range. They have selected some of the world’s leader just like them, to cater you needs to find a unique watch. There is an exceptional range of sports and dress watched that you can choose from.

Without a doubt, Jared Jewelers takes the world of custom made jewelry into a whole new level. They offer a “Design your own Jewelry” process that allows clients to do just that – Design their own Jewelry! All you need to do is to talk to a Jared Jeweler’s craftsman show him/her your ring as well as your specifications. You can also design your own ring online.

If you are artistically inclined or if you have a talent of translating the images in your head into paper, then, you can create a sketch or an illustration of the type of jewelry that you need and show them to the people at Jared Jewelers. That way, they can create you something from the jewelry sketch that you have submitted. If drawing is not in your veins, you can ask someone to do the sketch for you, or better yet, you can ask the folks at Jared Jewelers to help you in this area. Jared has a wonderful program where a customer has free range to design the type of Jewelry that they want. One such program is the “Design Your Own Ring”. This feature can be found in most Jared Jewelry stores and also online at.

The Design Your Own Ring feature of Jared Jewelers stems from a collection of mounts. Mounts are rings that do not have the center diamond or gemstone in it yet. This way the client can choose not only the mount that they want but also the size and shape of the stones that they want in their jewelry. The client can also choose a price range for their rings. The online design feature is good for clients who want to have an idea on what they want to get before going to a Jared store and in turn saving the client precious time. Also, there is no disadvantage to creating your own ring online because the mount choices are extensive and endless, giving the client infinite possibilities at the same time.

To start creating your own ring, you can proceed to:, click on the ‘design your own jewelry’ option found at the middle part of the web page. Doing so will take you to the ‘Design Your Own Jewelry’ page. Click on the ‘Try your hand at creating a ring option’ and you can start creating your own ring. First, what you have to do is to choose your price range as well as the material that you want your ring to be made from. Prices start at under US$500.00 to over US$1500. The metal choices are: yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Picking a price range and a metal choice will then open another web page with the mount designs on them. Pick one that you like and click on it once more. Clicking on a mount design will open a new window where you can choose the middle stone for your ring.

Couture at a whole new level! That is what Jared Jewelers is offering with their custom designed rings. If in the past, jewelry customization was only available to the ordinary people by ways of engraving, now, Jared Jewelers has made it possible for anyone, at any price range to have their hand at designing their own jewelry. Gone are the days of moving from one store to another just to get your hands on the perfect ring or piece of jewelry for yourself or for someone special. All that’s need be done is to head on over to Jared Jewelers and have a hand at designing Jewelry for you hand, neck, ears, feet, etc.